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Teaching & Workshops

Showa Woman University, Boston, MA (2019)

"Where I grew up at, I wanted to learn how to do animation; but there wasn't anyone to really teach me so I had to teach myself... So, I want to be there to provide a gateway for the youth." Tyrone "ZeroSnake" Motley(2012)

Community involvement is integral to ZeroSnake Media.
We see the value in teaching creatives of all ages ways of encapsulating their ideas; into a tangible means. We began by hosting a series of "introduction to storyboarding" workshops with Hartford Public Library (CT, Albany Branch) in 2012, and quickly become an on-going effort. 

Windsor High School, Windsor, CT (2013)

Past classes have introduced the various components that go into creating an original animation or graphic novel; varied by class skill level. Lessons include creating and designing your own characters and world, comic book paneling, storyboarding for animation, great often free programs for digital animation, flipbooks, and lastly tips on becoming an indie-voice actor.

Windsor & Hartford Public Library, CT (2012)

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