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Is a prominent Illustrator from Connecticut. Whos early start in animation & charisma has continually turned the heads of those he's come across! 

He has since Directed and Animated various projects, Published a graphic novel series, and has lent his vocal talents to not only his work; but also other animated projects and games!

About work

"My goal is to tell & invoke stories through captivating and cutting-edge visuals. My work stems from a combination of knowledge in Traditional Arts & Modern Contemporary styles; often used in a way where admirers of Classical Art and Pop Culture both find a



Work History

"Growing up I was engrossed by early anime/manga culture and decided in elementary that I  wanted to tell my own stories in a similar format. While in elementary school, I made the revelation that animations are simply put, multiple drawings succeeding each other rapidly; by playing and pausing a VHS. Soon after I began making small animated work using MS Paint & Windows Movie Maker. In middle school I began to create short comics by hand, further grasping the idea of world-building. During my sophomore year in high school (2008) I began a web-comic called "A!M"; the same would later have an animated counterpart with two released episodes (2009-2011) and a 3rd (2011-2012) mid-production. Post-college (2013) I would again make the transition from Animation to Graphic Novels with my project "UNRIVALED" being created, and further developed since. In addition to this; I create Fine Arts and have contributed original art and canvases in my surrounding area. Lastly, as an educator I have led classes and workshops for aspiring artists, trying to be the mentor that I wish I had as a child, who only knew ambitions."

Tyrone "ZeroSnake" Motley

Early Animation (2007) formerly known as Foolish Bunny

Notable Expositions

Hartford (Albany Ave) & Windsor Public Library - Hosted introduction to Animation Classes. (2012) 

New Britain Children's Museum - Hosting Children's illustration presentation & workshop. (2013) 

Windsor High School - Taught a 2D Animation seminar. (2013) 

Hartford Public Library (Downtown) - Comic & Charity event; featured Artist (2014) 

City Of Hartford MECCA “Free Movies After Dark” - Various showings of my original animated short "//Fireworks//” in numerous public parks. Initially debuted live in Hartford Keney park as opener. (7/19/2013) 

City of Hartford “Outside the Box” Mural Project- Community/Child friendly mural on Franklin Ave. (2014)  

District Hall, Boston MA (2019)

Hartford Town Hall, CT (2014) 

Mayor Segarra Live Painting, CT ( 2013) 

Open Studio Hartford, CT (2014), (2015) 

WonderBar, Boston MA (2014), (2015) 

Butler McCook House & Garden, CT (2014) 

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